Monthly Archives: June 2017

Aviation In China

China's aerospace future is a test case for its economic and technological development as a whole. The obstacles facing the country's aviation industry cut to the heart of China's economic challenges today. Thanks to global integration and rising wages, the country's days as a copycat and sweatshop to the world are numbered; its leaders know it must become more innovative if it is to succeed. Doing so will require big changes in its intense approach to education, unreliable legal system and repressive political regime, as well as adjustments to various social norms. With an estimated $1 trillion being spent on new ...

Solar Aviation

Technology is growing and changing at a rapid pace. The advancements that we have seen over just the past 10-20 years are astounding! The first solar family car was built in 2013 by students in the Netherlands. That vehicle was capable of 550 miles on one charge during sunlight. Solar buses are now being powered by solar energy, all or part of which is collected from stationary solar panel installations. Solar powered boats have mainly been limited to rivers and canals, but in 2007 an experimental 14m catamaran, the Sun21 sailed the Atlantic from Seville to Miami, and from there to New York. ...

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