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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Bell Aircraft

The Bell Aircraft Corporation was founded in a small town outside of New York City called Elbridge. It began as the Standard Aircraft Company and was renamed when Lawrence Bell became its majority shareholder. The company produced aircraft for the military and civilian market from 1925 to 1946, but you probably don’t know much about them. While it wasn’t quite as big as some of the other aircraft manufacturers of the time, Bell had an outsized impact on the industry. This is because they introduced some very important innovations that continue to be used today. They also produced a few ...

Aircraft Welding Diaries: History of Bell Aircraft

Knisley Welding caters to the aircraft exhaust system for some of Bell’s aircraft. Let’s take a look into the brief history of Bell aircraft and how it has come about, how it has contributed to the aircraft industry, and how it is doing now.   Bell Aircraft Corporation was a US aircraft manufacturer that is known for creating the first-ever supersonic aircraft, the Bell X-1. Bell Aircraft has built numerous fighter aircraft for World War II, as well as different types of civilian and military helicopters. Bell Aircraft was bought by Textron in 1960 and is now known as ...

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